The Forster 99 went through many changes. The model we produce is the last version made by Forster.

Most of our parts will fit original Forsters made after the war (That's the big WWII for all you youngsters). Some of our parts will fit the prewar, die cast models made after 1938. Prior models were sand cast.

You can not convert a early single speed timer (the really big one with a large automotive type point) to the later 2 speed timer.

The M&G version made in the late 1970's had a slightly shorter crankshaft and front housing. These engines may appear original but here's the secret of how to tell them all apart:

Look at the ejector pin marks under the exhaust on the cylinder. These appear as 2 round marks about 3/16 in diameter. The marks are made from 2 pins in the mold that push the part out of the cavity after it's cast.

Original Forster production had a bullseye pattern on the pin.

M&G versions had a smooth, cast finish.

RJL Versions actually have the marks machined. The still appear round but they are machined to down to the casting. RJL Versions have a serial number stamped on the mounting flange of the cylinder that begin with "RJL".

If you have a M&G or original version. Call or email us to be sure the part fits.

Some parts may require slight modification to fit.


This is the early pre-war '36 "CA" .997 ignition - die castings except for some carburetor parts.

Large Venturi

No "99" was cast on the bypass cover below "FORSTER BROS"

'35 .997 Ignition - all sand cast, has “choke nut" on venturi

'36 "Little Hercules" .997 ignition - sand cast, has carburetor

'36 "AA" .997 ignition - die cast, needle valve venturi

'36 "CA" .997 ignition - die cast, carburetor

'36 “AW” .997 ignition - water cooled, needle valve venturi

'36 “CW” .997 ignition - water cooled, carburetor

'37 "Little Hercules” .997 ignition, ball bearing crankshaft

'39 "Model B" .997 ignition - ball bearing, needle valve venturi

'39 "Super B" .997 ignition - ball bearing, carburetor

'40 "Model C” .997 ignition - large ports, needle valve

'47 "99" .997 ign. - big exhaust stack, 2-speed ignition

Forster was sold to M&G engines in 1975

RJL Industries (MECOA) bought FORSTER from M&G in 1987

MECOA RJL currently owns tooling and name rights.


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